Live & Kicking!

Its been an incredible 4 month campaign so far with Small Sided FA. We are so proud of what we've created so far in such a short space of time!

In just 4 months we've has managed to establish 3 Clubs which have players from U6 through to U12 across 4 age groups plus 1 more age group with a 4th club...we are over the moon!

Welcome to

  1. United FC
  2. Real FC
  3. City FC
  4. Athletico FC



We've also managed to become the 2nd largest "miniroos football organisation" in Greater Dandenong out of 19 clubs locally, which is incredible, and it wouldn't have been possible without all the local support from our new players and parent groups. 

All players are now entering their 3rd week of the season which has included 2 grading sessions and a kit presentation, and this Sunday 6th May, teams will play their first official games. Games are generally in house vs each other, but we are welcoming local community teams to come and play for FREE vs our teams in an effort to work closer with our community and provide more football opportunity at an inclusive level and competitive level.

We're really keen to establish more clubs and teams NOW. We're ready to take on new players, experienced boys & girls ages 4-16, so if you're ready to play, and eager to get involved, lets go!

You can still join a team here >>

Jack Gillibrand