Who and what is Small Sided FA?

About Small Sided FA

Small Sided FA are an authority of small sided social and structured football in Victoria.

The Association (“SSFA”) is the leader and custodian of Small Sided Football (“SSF”) competitions for male and female players of all ages and abilities in Australia.  It exists to develop and run high quality SSF programs and competitions and to promote and develop participation in the small sided formats of football.  Inclusion, Equity, Competition, Health and Wellbeing are the cornerstones of the SSFA programs.”

A key focus is on offering a community club feel to the teams under SSFA, with a vision to offer a pathway for players from grassroots to excellence through small sided football. 

Our format for games promote 4-a-side, 5-a-side, 6-a-side, 7-a-side and 9-a-side.

We currently have 6 founding member community clubs in our competition; Real Stallions FC, Athletico Wolves FC, United Devils FC, City Lions FC, Borough Bulls FC and Park Cubs FC.

Why was it created?

            Small Sided FA has recognises the barriers to entry to participating in sport in low socio-economic areas, where large numbers of immigrants live and the demand to play football is high.

Ø  Transport – No away games! We’ve created a competition which is played all at one venue, at the same, every week.

Ø  Cost – Offering low registration fees without compromising the quality.

Ø  Weather – based at an all weather facility so the game is never called off.

Ø  Facilities – at a facility which is scalable to handle large numbers and never turn away players due to a lack of space to play.

Ø  Development Stage – players can join no matter what their football development stage.

Ø  Number of Players – some local teams simply don’t get enough registrations to create a team, SSFA allows teams to start teams with small numbers.

Ø  Social – we accept all players from every background and endeavor to create a community hub where players & parents are made to feel welcome.

How we Increase Participation

Through creating partnerships with local primary schools, we offer free football coaching clinics for all players interested in football in grades 1-6. With each primary school, we create a direct link with one of our community soccer clubs such as Real Stallions FC or Athletico Wolves FC in our upcoming SSFA competition.  Using experienced and qualified coaching staff, along with the “linked football clubs” branding, we use fun, engaging and interactive football games which offer a taster of what the club offers if they join for the upcoming season. After each free school clinic, we then invite all participants to “Free Come & try clinics” so they can experience playing in the team at the host venue.

Offering these free sessions allow parents and players to gain further insight into opportunities which they feel may not have existed, or been able to afford or travel to. We then provide all the information required for parents to join the Small Sided FA as an individual player where they are then placed into one of the 6 clubs.

In 2019 Small Sided FA is inviting all local community teams or new organisations in the area to enter a team into the Small Sided FA competition which can then provide solutions to their club to grow their clubs and community. Teams can enter as many teams and age groups as they wish as well which includes both boy and girl divisions.

We are currently looking to expand Small Sided FA into new LGA across Victoria which adds to the exciting year we’ve already had in 2018.

Individuals, Schools & Clubs can find out all the information by contacting Small Sided Football Association President Jack Gillibrand info@smallsidedfa.com

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